Electronic Feedback Form

Proposed Accounting Standards Update, Leases (Topic 842): Targeted Improvements

Comment Deadline:  December 4, 2020

The FASB invites comments on the Proposed Accounting Standards Update, Leases (Topic 842): Targeted Improvements. A link to the proposed Update is provided below. Respondents are requested to read the entire document before providing their comments. The proposed Update provides a summary of the proposed guidance and the basis for the FASB’s conclusions.

Comments are requested from both those who agree with the proposed guidance and those who do not agree. Comments are most helpful if they identify and clearly explain the issue or question to which they relate. Those who disagree with a proposal are asked to describe their suggested alternative(s), supported by specific reasoning. All comments received constitute part of the FASB’s public file. The FASB will make all comments publicly available by posting them to the Online Public Reference Room portion of its website.

Download the Proposed Accounting Standards Update, Leases (Topic 842): Targeted Improvements.

Interested parties may also provide their comments in the form of a written letter by submitting their comments via email to director@fasb.org, File Reference No. 2020-700 or by sending them to “Technical Director, File Reference No. 2020-700, FASB, 401 Merritt 7, PO Box 5116, Norwalk, CT 06856-5116.” Do not send responses by fax. All responses from those wishing to comment on the Exposure Draft must be received by December 4, 2020.


This form includes all of the questions that are in the proposed Update. Questions requiring responses are denoted by a red asterisk (*).

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If you have any questions on this feedback form or the proposed Update, please contact Bobbi Gwinn at bgwinn@fasb.org